Bridges to Nowhere

We are a three-piece rock band based in Talavera, Spain. So far, we have released 1 EP, 1 LP and 1 single that you can listen and download here for free.

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Random release: Everything I Thought I Knew

Everything I Thought I Knew (LP)

Track list

  1. Nothing
    There’ll be no summer this year.
    I heard it on the news today.
    But for me it’s no big deal.
    I knew it all along
    and I’m used to the rain.

    Now there’s nothing you could give me
    that it’s worth my precious time
    because everything you promised was a lie.
    Now there’s nothing you could tell me
    that could make me change my mind.
    I know I won’t find my way looking behind.

    Some say clouds are drawing near.
    All I feel is wind of change.
    I have nothing more to fear.
    It’s not because I’m strong,
    it’s ‘cause my interest’s waned.
  2. Revenge
    You say “c'est la vie” but I know life's not fair,
    don't ask for forgiveness you're not gonna change,
    every time I see you I see fear on your face
    'cause deep inside we both know I'll have revenge.

    I've had enough of you

    and maybe
    I'm the one who's crazy
    but I'll have no mercy.
    You will be dead soon.
    Your fat limbs will feed the streets
    and I'll uncork champagne
    to celebrate your doom.

    Your thick red blood, the rain and your childlish cry
    blacken the concrete and confuse my eyes.
    Since I've dreamed about this like one million times,
    I don't know if it's real or all in my mind.
  3. Honest Mistake
    I went to find the wizard
    so he could give me courage.
    All I found was a bar
    and now everything's blurry.

    I am meeting you now
    so we can set things clear.
    I don't know what will happen,
    I just know this ends here.

    And every time I see you
    I just can't read the signs
    'cause you're too fucking complicated.
    But I'm taking the leap
    and if I got you wrong,
    it's an honest mistake I'm making.

    We're face to face again,
    I don't know what you want.
    I know you read my mind,
    but I can't read yours.

    It's a fact that we're friends,
    but I want much more.
    There is an awkward silence
    and your look's my weak spot.
  4. Postcards to Myself
    You're looking rusty and old.
    Once you shined, now your done.
    All your life treasured as gold
    hangs in photos on your wall.

    You're regreting everything
    you thought of but never did.
    You told me I gotta learn
    not to make the same mistakes

    and I will take a plane
    and travel around the world.
    And then, I'll send
    some postcards to myself
    from every place
    to prove that I was there,
    to prove myself that I have really lived.

    You’re looking calm and wise
    living the end of your life.
    I’m taking heed, I do it proud.
    I promise I won’t let you down.
  5. Back in Town
    I've seen you around.
    For the first time in years
    you're back in town.
    And you looked down
    dodging my sight but smiling
    bringing back our
    old memories from the lost and found.

    We hid in your mezzanine,
    between cars, in parking lots,
    sins will never be redeemed
    but I cherish them like gold

    When I see these days are long gone
    I realize that we're both getting old.
    Things will never be the same.
    It's been too long since we lost our innocence.

    You’ve seen me around.
    For the first time in years
    I’m back in town.
    And I looked down
    dodging your sight but smiling
    bringing back our
    old memories from the lost and found.

    For you I'll always yearn.
  6. Release Me
    Last night when we were on the bridge
    the city lights were dim,
    the clock ticked slowly.
    I was afraid of everything,
    afraid of you and me,
    you didn't seem to care.

    I don't know why I was so numb,
    I feel so strange every time you're around

    'cause something has changed,
    I am not the same,
    something's wrong inside my head.
    You've poisoned my brain
    with hugs and hopes and smiles
    when I was in pain.

    Five years since I last felt like this,
    I'm trembling on my knees,
    disarm, absent and weak.
    I don't know what you've done to me,
    but it burns inside my skin,
    so please, please, release me.

    If you can see the way I feel,
    stop the fucking game or make it real.
  7. Violence
    Spent the day in bed.
    I'm so fucking bored.
    My guitar's collecting dust
    and I have run out of chords.

    There's so much to do,
    and nothing at all.
    I need something else tonight
    'cause I'm fed up of this world.

    There is a hole growing inside my head.
    It tells me I need to get my dose
    of violence.

    I'm in a weird mood
    and I can't control
    all the darkness in my head
    that's starting to unfold.

    And I bite my tongue
    trying to kill my thoughts
    but a switch has flicked inside of my head
    with the taste of blood.
  8. Seasons Change
    You say you can't find a reason,
    at least not one good enough,
    that could explain any of the stupid things that I do
    or justify why I don't seem to grow up.

    I will never learn from any of my past mistakes
    and I can't fix the things I've wronged the bridges burned.
    I know myself, I'll do it time and time again
    'cause seasons change, but I remain the same.

    I think that I simply like it
    or so they've told me a million times.
    And I won't change just 'cause you tell me that I have to.
    I won't change because I like the way I am.
  9. Something More
    Your indifference is what hurts me the most
    I feel like a thief that steals kisses from you
    and even though you're with me and that's all I dreamed of,
    I believe that you could give me something more.

    And if you let me
    I'd give you everything and maybe
    I wouldn't feel I was much better off alone.
    And I feel we were much better
    before when we weren't together.
    Sometimes you even gave me a little bit of love.

    Too many temptations and I can't give in.
    I can't sleep and my brain is working full time.
    And even though I had always liked strange girls
    for bad or good you're the strangest I could find.

    So please smile cry or hit me,
    show me everything you've got
    'cause I've given you my insides
    and you haven't showed me yours

    and I think you're with me because you have nothing else to do
    but I hold onto this fact 'cause there is nothing I want more than you.

    And now you don't.
  10. Play the Game
    I can barely see your face
    but I'm sure that you've been crying.
    Fake a smile play the game,
    you're much better off without him.

    Maybe it doesn't make much sense,
    but we're here using each other.
    We're leading ourselves astray,
    ut I need something until
    I can find my own way.

    Please hurt me more,
    but give me a little love.
    Our beaten souls need a lover.

    I feel no shame.
    I feel nothing, no regrets
    'cause she took my black heart away.
    You feel the same,
    your eyes show nothing but hate,
    but I won't ask
    because I'm here to play.

    One day I will be OK,
    I'm not sure if you'll recover.
    Am I selfish if I say
    that if I don't need you again
    I will leave you in your own pain?

    Please hurt me more,
    but give me a little love.
    I'll hurt you too before it's over.

    It's only temporary.
    No shame, no love, no feelings,
    It's only entertainment,
    nothing more.
  11. No Way Out
    The same streets under my feet,
    the ones I swore I'd leave.
    Well, I was wrong
    because I have drown deep in
    this bricks and mortar sea
    and now I know

    there's no way to get out of here
    You're always dragged back to this town

    'cause not long ago I went
    to the horizon and back
    to find myself.
    All the dreams that I once had
    the ones I've given up.
    They were nowhere.

    Now I see it. I finally see it clear.
    All I’ve built are castles in the air.
    Now I see it. Where I belong is here.
    All I've built are bridges to nowhere.
  12. Everything I Thought I Knew
    I thought I was shatter-proof
    until I saw my first bruise.
    I was scared for a while,
    then I ordered some more booze.

    As I took the first sip
    suddenly ten years passed by
    and I wondered again
    “What's my purpose in this life?”

    What can I do when everything real fades away?
    I could ignore it, but I rather lead the way,
    'cause I'm just a loner and I'm not a hero
    but I guess I could pretend.
    It seems getting old is falling from grace.

    I thought I was shatter-proof
    until I saw my first bruise.
    Now I'm proud of my scars
    like a kid with shiny shoes.

    Oblivious to painless threats,
    my joy has always endured
    since I got to forget
    everything I though I knew.

    When the landscape looks so stark
    than even the light looks dark.
    When you don't know who you are.
    You just need a little spark.


Colegio Rafael Morales, Talavera
The Packed Room Studios, Talavera
Guillermo Martínez
Guillermo Martínez
Erik Monsonis, Mexico DF