Science or Belief

Our third album! Faster and louder. More of the same stuff but a little bit better

  1. Science or Belief
    For idiots attention
    For fire gasoline
    The age of information
    adds insult to injury
    It's getting hard to find
    working brains among the machines
    The masses want some answers
    but what's it gonna be?

    Science or belief?
    how skewed our perspective is
    Science or belief?
    Save a prayer for us heretics.
    The burden of proof is not where it used to be

    I'm sick with apprehension
    your pulpit is too big
    Your flag gathers attention
    waving over debris
    The ignorants are blissful
    'cause now they know what to think
    The masses want some answers
    but what's it gonna be?

    The burden of proof is now on you
    not me
  2. Before Your Eyes
    Right before my eyes
    And totally out of reach at the same time
    The thought just crossed my mind
    oddly nothing ever felt so wise

    How much do you think you can risk?
    How much for just a shot you'll miss?
    You don't care but you have to admit
    that you will regret doing this

    Always on the edge
    betting higher, reaching new lows
    Never second best
    but I just don't care anymore
    Better a loser than a fraud.

    what am I waiting for?
    I’ve been in this crossroads many times before
    I know where it goes
    I either fail or not even try at all

    It's like if you had an inner voice
    that finds its way through all the noise
    it says that you will really enjoy
    taking a leap into the void
  3. Every Man for Himself
    We filled the sky with gods and heroes
    and found the ways to build and burn
    We tried to predict the future
    but it's clear we didn't learn

    We know that we're breathing tainted air
    that our walls cannot protect us
    if the evil is ourselves
    We know how to make it right again
    but the masses are much dumber
    than every man for himself

    We feign to live in ones and zeroes
    and we forgot our real concerns

    We told our gods: "We don't need you"
    We threw our hands in the air and laughed
  4. Time Zones
    Is there something sadder than drinking alone
    the day you that turn thirty one?

    I'm still at the station 'cause I missed the train home
    surrounded by pigeons and bums
    I wish you had been here tonight at The Fillmore
    when they played our favorite songs
    the ones we heard while it rained outside
    and it seemed that we had found a way to freeze the time

    I apologize
    but I don't know what I am doing with my life
    Now I realize
    It's harder to get old when you're not by my side

    The sun shines this evening
    here in California
    you say that at home it still rains
    you are going to bed now
    I curse at the time zones
    and I keep on counting the days
    waiting for catching a plane home
    flying 'cross the pond
    to the place where I belong

    Be by my side
  5. Cold as the Clay
    It seems you're used to things
    being a certain way
    You're here to pull my strings
    but I'm cold as the clay

    Quit tugging at my sleeve
    I don't wanna go
    I'm not so naive
    well... not anymore

    I'm no longer who you think
    but you feel just the same
    I'm sure in a while you will
    make this all about you again
  6. My Last Punk Rock Song
    I can't help the feeling
    that we've been left aside
    and nobody cares that
    the river has run dry
    Should we keep on fighting
    or believe what they say?
    I feel so tired today

    The truth is everything is a lie
    it feels good to believe sometimes

    I can't help the feeling
    we're running out of time
    and I am sick of hearing
    invented alibis

    but should we keep on fighting
    or believe what they say?
    I feel so lazy today
  7. My Place
    I'm sick of those unhappy endings
    but the happy ones are just too dumb
    Why do we have to be so condescending?
    How could I relate myself to that?

    Every time I thought that I had found my place
    Life found a way to slap me in the face
    I've failed so many times that I can't tell
    the difference between failure and success
  8. The Avalanche
    This place sucks but I don't know
    anywhere better we could go
    We're alone but it's alright
    because there's no one we would call

    I don't ask for a second chance
    Just stay this one time let's have one last dance
    waiting for the avalanche
    waiting for the end

    There's a million things we could
    do but we never had a goal
    Once you told me to follow you
    I would have but you were lost
  9. Poison
    Toasting with poison, bottoms up!
    it feels so good to be sad
    I'm still in motion, failing at
    All that I try. All that I am

    I'm looking for
    the smartest words
    someone could sing
    someone would quote

    I'd trade devotion for a cup
    of the best booze that you have
    to play with emotion in this bar
    'cause we're three on stage
    and no one showed up

    I'm looking for
    the world's most meaningful words
    no one will hear
    no one will quote
    I'll just stay here
    and sing alone
  10. Your Opinion
    You never studied anything
    'cause "it fed your frustration"
    Your parents sent you a year abroad
    so you found motivation

    You never held a steady job
    "they lead to alienation"
    You got yourself an ounce of pot
    to cope with your vexation

    And you still think that we
    should listen to your opinion
  11. What If
    Come on in,
    make yourself feel uncomfortable
    be a slacker just like me
    I've only worked hard
    to become
    the opposite thing of what they want us to be

    'cause what if I'm dead tomorrow
    what if our time was borrowed
    Nobody's getting out of here alive
    I have always been thorough
    choosing joy instead of sorrow
    with the most selfish stride
    I just make sure that I'm enjoying the ride

    What are the expectations
    and who sets the score?
    why must I compete?
    the odds are bad, the game is rigged
    with way too many things to lose
    and nothing to win
  12. Train Wreck
    You called me up
    just to bring me down
    Asking me if I remember you
    if time has healed the wounds

    So here I am, disfunctional
    Just trying to find my own way home
    And there you go, emotional
    Carrying on, with nowhere to go

    Those dayswhen we cared for each other
    when inside I know
    you dragged meunder water
    and told me you'd never let go

    When I was with you
    wrapped your hands around my neck
    Didn't seem to know what to do
    because I am, just another train wreck
Guillermo Martínez
Guillermo Martínez
Guillermo Martínez
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